A Glass Of Wine

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Drinking a glass of red wine reduces your chances to get depressed.
According to a research study conducted with over 2,680 men and 2,800 women aged between 55 and 80, 2 to 7 glasses of wine a day can help to cure depression (or prevent depression altogether). Red wine is recommended by some healthcare professionals simply because it has less impact than anti-depressors on the body, and also because red wine contains other elements to improve health.

Woman will use it as an “anti-aging” product.
Anti-aging properties are also an advantage attributed to daily wine consumption. In fact, researchers found out that resveratrol (which is a substance that can be found in other products like raspberries, blueberries, peanuts, bilberries) helps blood circulation, ultimately slowing down the effects of gravity on aging skin.

If it’s good for your blood, it’s also good for your heart.
As blood circulation improves, heart disorders will decrease. (While also having good alimentation which means less sugar, less fat-food and no energy drinks).

Drinking a glass of red wine will lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
After conducting experiments on animals, The Chinese Academy of sciences highlighted the fact that red wine increases insulin, which fights against type 2 diabetes. Drinking a glass of red wine will duplicate the level of enzymes responsible for killing bacteria.

It reduces your risks of cancer.
It has been studied and discussed for years and years that cancer (any type) exposure will decrease if you drink a glass of red wine at least twice a week. Red wine decreases the level of estrogens for aging women, and increases their level of testosterone. As a result, the risk of developing breast cancer is significantly reduced.

Fight off the cold!
If your voice sounds like terminator, here’s the seventh reason why you’ll double your red wine consumption: the American Journal of Epidemiology revealed in 2010 that those who drink more than 14 glasses of red wine a week are 40% less likely to get a cold. The reason is that resveratrol helps to fight against bacteria and infections.

Should we find another reason why you will probably be drinking a glass of red wine as soon as you head back home? There are actually plenty of reasons why you should be drinking more red wine, but there is one reason why men should think twice before they pour themselves another glass: A study published 2 weeks ago in the French newspapers revealed that men who drink wine daily have lower quality of sperm than those who don’t drink at all due to pesticides used at wineries!